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Aura Emergence is proud to present 

The Evergreen Goddess Emporium! 

Look for us at your local fair or search our events section. 

Join us at a local Faire! Check out our Events tab for more details.


Reg: $24.99 

Understanding with Dragons

Oracle Card Deck!!!!

Dragons are fifth-dimensional beings that are here to help humanity in their ascension. They bring their ancient knowledge and teachings on how to navigate the energetic shifts in our lives. Dragons are loving and wise and just like humans have developed different occupations. This deck will introduce you to not only communication techniques to use when working with the dragons, but you will see for the first time, the different types of dragons. Dividing up the dragons by element, you will visit dragons that guard the Earth's grid in the depths of our oceans, sore to the outer atmosphere with some, walk the sands, divide mountains, and bathe in the primal life force of the planet. The 44 beautifully illustrated cards are designed to broaden your awareness of dragons and learn how they help our planet and humanity.


Dragon Journals $10/each 

Dragon Journals

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