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Aura Em​ergence

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Welcome to Aura Emergence. Providing holistic health care programs, coaching services and self-care products.

​Anastasia's Dragon Mes​sages

Monthly channeled messages for your sun sign from the Dragons.

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Services Offered

Mediumship & Spiritual Coaching

Holistic Health Practitioner and High Priestess Anastasia, has been studying holistic medicine treatments and techniques since 2012. She believes that we can heal our bodies and our spirit naturally. Anastasia is a High Priestess of the Goddess. She was ordained in Kildare, Ireland at the ancient site of Goddess Brigit's sacred flame. 

Anastasia has a proven record of connecting family members to past loved ones. 

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Color Therapy Services

If you are having chronic issues with your health or would like to manage your pain naturally, then I invite you to try color therapy. I am a certified color therapist with over 10 years of studying how the visible spectrum of light effects the human body.  By aligning the body with different colored light vibrations, you harmonize the various bodily systems in the process. As all life is energy and all energy vibrates at different frequencies. When we are not vibrating at the right frequency, sickness moves in.

Through this on-line session, you will get a personalized color therapy treatment plan for you to utilize from the comfort of your own home, and unlimited question/answering. 

You will also receive a signed copy of my new book Color is Life, out now on Amazon. 

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Self-Care Products

Our products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients and no harsh chemicals. By eliminating the toxic chemicals in your self-care routine you minimize the workload placed on the liver. 

We offer all natural product variations that are made when you order. We can customize the essential oils so that you get the most benefit from your purchase. Choose from body butters, bath soaks, gemstone soaps, gemstone jewelry and more! Check out our products page for details.

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Light is the essence of all life. Color therapy is a non-invasive therapy that uses light as a form of healing and harmonizing body systems promoting balance and well-being. Combined with aromatherapy, crystals, salts, essential oils this unprecedented book provides a new look at the way to use holistic healing power.

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"A portal to another dimension of understanding."

Breaking barriers is truly what "Dragons: Connecting to Fifth Dimensional Beings" is all about. Are dragons real? Did humans and dragons walk the Earth together? This revolutionary guide teaches the answers to these questions and how to commune with fifth-dimensional beings. A guided journey complete with lessons and journal prompts for a lifelong relationship with the dragon realm.

Told in language that we can all understand, Dragons: Connecting to Fifth Dimensional Beings removes communication barriers to other beings. Anastasia Evergreen brings us closer to understanding the role dragons play in our planetary ascension and how to unlock our spiritual eyesight. Learn how to glean ancient wisdom from these magnificent beings, heal your body and so much more. Humans and dragons walked side by side in a long-ago age, and thanks to "Dragons" we are able to rekindle our friendship. 


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What our customers are saying

Every night when I take my shower, I feel so refreshed and cleansed with the soap. Nothing like it. Nothing compares. I go to bed soothed. I also use the pain cream and nothing store bought compares. NOTHING!

Sheryl - Arlington, TX